Premises Liability Cases

Georgia Premises Liability Case

In Georgia, property owners or occupiers are liable for the conditions on their property. If there are hazardous, dangerous or defective conditions on property, and it causes you to sustain an injury, you are entitled to compensation. Georgia law holds property owners liable for a slip and fall or trip and a fall due to a dangerous or defective condition. Property owners are also liable for other conditions which result in an injury, such as a lack of security or warning, a dog bite, a defective stair or sidewalk and any conditions which are dangerous or defective and result in injury. Such conditions can lead to severe injuries, causing expensive damages. If you have been a victim of an incident which resulted from a dangerous, hazardous or defective condition, contact our firm immediately. It is very important for you to retain someone with the knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough investigation and evaluation of your claim.

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