Representing Yourself

Representing Yourself in a Workers’ Compensation Case

The determination of whether or not you decide to try and handle your own case is a very personal matter. The workers’ compensation system in the state of Georgia involves somewhat complicated and complex types of procedures. Although it is meant to be self-executing, in many situations, it will be important that you take steps to ensure that your rights are protected. You should keep good records, be careful with any documents you are asked to sign, try to know the rules and regulations as well as you can, and remember to seek the services of an attorney if you feel you are running into a problem or a wall. Most attorneys will talk with you during the initial consultation free of charge and, during that conversation, you can discuss your case with them to attempt to get an understanding of what you have to do and how to get it done.

If you feel you can handle your own case after discussing the matter with an attorney, you should try and do so. On the other hand, if it becomes clear after talking with the attorney that the matter is beyond your expertise, it may be better to hire a professional to represent you.

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