Workers’ Compensation

Your case will be handled by a law practice that specializes primarily in Workers’ Compensation and helping those employees injured on the job.

Experienced legal counsel can be extremely helpful in the preparation of a Workers’ Compensation case in Georgia. Prior injuries or medical conditions are favorite subjects for impeachment or discrediting of the employee. An attorney can help to minimize the effects of such information on behalf of the employee. There may be written or recorded statements taken by the employer or insurer that can be reviewed. These should be pursued in discovery, which is a very common practice for experienced legal counsel.

Most Workers’ Compensation cases involve medical questions, such as did the injury cause or aggravate the medical condition or conditions from which the employee suffers? Or has the employee sufficiently recovered from the injury to return to the light duty job offered by the employer? Therefore, counsel will need copies of the employee’s medical records. If the medical records do not answer the critical questions in the case, counsel may need to go to the medical experts or doctors to try to develop these answers.

As the facts of the case develop, experienced legal counsel can decide what the achievable goals are for the employee and can develop a strategy to achieve those goals. What benefits are available to the employee? What defense does the employer have to an employee’s claim? How does the employee go about proving his case? How might the other side prove their case? The attorneys at Benedict & Torpey, P.C. have the experience and ability to move cases along at the fast track pace set by the Workers’ Compensation system. The Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys at Benedict & Torpey, P.C. know how to prepare the employee’s case in an effort to work it out without a hearing. This is what a client should want, and we believe the client deserves this.

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